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RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is working overtime to make sure that Michigan stays red this cycle.  Here she is with super-volunteer Annette Kennedy at the Muskegon Rally a few days ago.  Our President will be back in Michigan at a rally in Lansing later this week!Ronna with Annette

A lot of us have participated in rallies and parades supporting our President this year.  We proudly and peacefully demonstrated in Chelsea, Dexter, Ann Arbor, Saline, Manchester, Milan and lots of other places.  How many of us realized, though, that the support we are showing is just one segment of a much larger mosaic?  Click here to see a story about a three-state, 2,000 car rally that took place just this past weekend.

While "Hiden Biden" cowers in his basement, the Trump campaign is actively making its case. Eric Trump Jr. spoke to a crowd at a farm in Augusta Township last night.  The event planners thought that they might turn out about 200 folks, but over 500 people showed up ...

... and here is Eric speaking from the stage:



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