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November 2012

  1. Election 2012: Closer Than The Media Would Have You Beleive

    We were very close. And please check out Jack's website.

    Never say die. Bob

    By Jack Hoogendyk at 11/14/12 9:59 AM


    Election 2012: Closer Than The Media Would Have You Beleive

    The MSM is telling disheartened conservatives to pack it in. "You got trounced, give in on immigration, national health care, deficits, increased taxes, more spending, social issues...it's over."

    No, it isn't. Consider this: Romney won 20 red states by 55% or greater. Those states are getting redder. He lost 17 states and DC with 45% or less of the vote. Most of those states are blue and getting bluer, although a case could be made for a state like Michigan, where the margin was closer than its been in several cycles.

    The remaining 13 states, of which Romney won four and Obama won 9, were decided in total by less than 160,000 votes. The margin was 50.2% to 49.8%, razor thin. That translates to 2.9 votes per precinct across those 13 states.

    We lost the White House, in my opinion for two key reasons. 1) Our candidate did not want to engage or energetically defend conservative principles. He was painting more in soft pastels than in bold colors. 2) We were out-organized on the ground. The GOP/Romney "Orca" GOTV program crashed. We started too late. We simply did not deliver the votes the way the Democrats did. Oh, yes, they cheated, but I don't think it would have changed the final outcome.

    We can win in 2014 and in 2016, but only if we have true conservative candidates who remember what we as conservatives (true Republicans) stand for, know why we believe it, and articulate it to the masses in a way that convinces them to agree with us and vote conservative.

    All may be lost, but regardless, we are still here, and we must fight on. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." Soldier on!