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Michelle Malkin gets all SCHIPpy for Tim Walberg


"I won’t be bullied on SCHIP.”
By Michelle Malkin • October 9, 2007 10:07 AM Good for you, Rep. Tim Walberg:

Right now if you listen to a popular country radio station in south-central Michigan, you can hear advertisements spreading lies about my position on S-CHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program).

The station selection for this ad seems appropriate for House Democrats, whose blatant twisting of the truth is fit for a remake of Garth Brooks’s classic song “Friends in Low Places.”

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Main stream drive-by media secures Al Qaeda web sites - stops Pentagon from snooping . . .


First it was the NY Times, printing for the world to see, exactly how the Pentagon acquires secret information on Al Qaeda via certain intercepts of communication. Thanks! That saved lives - Al Qaeda lives. . . Terrorist lives . . . who now have more time to shoot at our troops in the field, plan more attacks against us, and cause the War to gone on yet even for longer.

Now ABC News has broken a story on how a Pentagon's secret internet systems detect Al Qaeda web broadcasts - intercepting messages before they hit the web. The last message picked up days pre-broadcast.

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