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Volunteer Election Day


Help us with election Day Operations!

Below you can register to assist us during this critical election. We need both Poll Challengers and individuals willing to make phone calls to get out the vote from our office in Ann Arbor.

Become a Poll Challenger!

Election integrity is something we all want, and is important to our political process  Your participation is crucial to achieving fair and honest elections.  Every one of us has the opportunity to help further that goal by participating in election day activities by becoming a Poll Challenger. 

Poll Challengers are volunteer positions with training being provided by the Washtenaw County Republican Party and the Michigan Republican Party. Knowing the election rules and procedures are important for these critical positions.  

Training for Election Workers will be provided and we'll contact you to let when & where.   

Please assist us on November 3rd as a Poll Challenger or Phone Caller using the form below.  

General Poll Challenger Information

  • A challenger must be a registered voter in the state of Michigan.
  • A challenger may not be a candidate for any elective office in the election. (Exception: a candidate for precinct delegate may serve as a challenger in a precinct other than the precinct in which he or she is a candidate.)
  • A person appointed as an election inspector at the election may not act as a challenger at any time throughout the course of the day.
  • A challenger may be assigned to serve in any precinct or absent voter counting board established in the state. In addition, a challenger may be assigned to serve in any number of precincts.
  • A political party, group or organization may not have more than two challengers present in a voting precinct or more than one challenger present in an absent voter counting board at any time throughout the course of the day. A political party, group or organization may rotate challengers assigned to a voting precinct; a challenger assigned to an absent voter counting board must remain in the room in which the absent voter counting board is working until the close of the polls (8 p.m.)
Please select the position you would like to serve in for upcoming elections.
Please enter the city, township or village that you vote in (may differ from your mailing address).
Please enter your voting ward if known.
Please enter your voting precinct if known.
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