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Here we are setting up in Dexter this morning.  We are located on Main Street, just west of the Dexter Pub and right next to the Riverfront Cafe.

Drop in an see us if you have a minute!

Here we are at the Chelsea Festival.  Our booth is just a little
bit north of the Main/Middle street intersection.  Drop by if you
have a minute!

Friendly folks from Chelsea are chatting with us in our booth which, as
you'll notice, leans a bit to the right!

The contrast between our booth at the AA Art Fair and the Dems across the street is so striking that it is almost embarrassing.  Here is one of the many individuals who wanted to get a photo of our booth ...

... and here is Sam Collier talking civics and governance with an interested and attentive group of students ...

... while across the street the lonely Dems hope for somebody to drop by ...

... and in a SHOCKING display of cruel insensitivity ...

blatantly discriminate against the developmentally disabled with a "Democrats for Sanity" slogan!

Imitation, it is said, is the sincerest form of flattery, so we're pleased to see the opposition across the street imitating our banner by making, and posting, little slogans on their booth ...

... you might also notice that their proudly displayed "Dingle Territory" balloons seem to be a bit droopy today!

This is a new phenomenon.  People who walk by our booth occasionally want to stop and take pictures of our banner [and us].  Between 30 and 40 people have taken a picture of our booth [and/or us] including this friendly chap:

As you can see, we're occasionally mobbed by interested supporters ...

...but our opposition [located across the street] seems to have plenty of time to be making phone calls!

Here are Dave Parker, Jeff Jones, and Eunice Frey-Dobbs outside our booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  We're having a great time, and getting lots of "Thumbs Ups" as people walk by our booth.  Drop by if you have the time!

Here are volunteer heroes John Taylor, Sam Collier, Tom Banks and Phil Chinn setting up our booth last night at the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  Come join us some time this week!

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