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The Truth About Justice Weaver's Record

The Truth About Justice Weaver's Record

The Truth about Former Justice Weaver’s Record: She Voted with the Liberal Democrats on the Supreme Court


Former Justice Weaver has been voting with the liberals on the Court for years. Since Justice Hathaway replaced Chief Justice Taylor on January, 2009, Weaver voted with the liberals in all but one case.  Weaver was also the swing vote for the election of ultra-liberal, Marilyn Kelly, as Chief Justice over Justice Young.  Equally troubling, Weaver also voted with the liberal Justices to remove virtually every conservative judge that Justices Taylor, Markman, Corrigan and Young had previously appointed to chief judgeships in the trial courts. 


Since 2008, the Supreme Court decided 16 civil cases where the three liberal Justices nominated by the Democrat Party (Cavanagh, Marilyn Kelly & Hathaway) voted on one side and the three conservative justices nominated by the Republican Party (Corrigan, Markman & Young) voted on the other side.  Thus, in these 16 cases Weaver was the swing vote.  She sided with the liberals in 15 out of the 16 cases.  These cases are:


Decosta v Gossage, 486 Mich 116 (2010). 

Adair v Mich, 486 Mich 468 (2010). 

Smith v Anonymous, 48_ Mich __ (2010).

McCormick v Carrier, 48_ Mich __ (2010).

LSEA v Lansing Bd or Ed, 48_ Mich __ (2010).

U of M v Titan Ins Co, 48_ Mich __ (2010).

Shay v Aldrich, 48_ Mich __ (2010). 

Bezeau v Palace Sports, 48_ Mich __ (2010). 

Smith v Anonymous Joint Enterprise, 48__Mich__ (2010). 

Romain v Frankenmuth, 483 Mich 18 (2009). 

USF&G v MCCA (On Rehearing), 484 Mich 1 (2009). 

McNeil v Charlevoix County, 484 Mich 69 (2009).

Bush v Shabahang, 484 Mich 156 (2009).

Petersen v Magna Corp, 484 Mich 300 (2009).

Henry v Dow Chem Corp, 484 Mich 483 (2009).


          The only 4-3 civil case decided by the Court since Justice Hathaway joined the Court where Weaver sided with the three conservative Republican party nominated justices against the three liberal Democrat party nominated justices was Insurance Institute v Commissioner, 486 Mich 370 (2010).