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Matching Grant Program

Spend Ron's Money!


Donate now to your local Republican Party and your support doubles Triples!

Our newly elected Michigan Republican Party Chair and member of our local party, Ron Weiser, has graciously agreed to match up to $3,000 donated to the Washtenaw Republican Party from now until April 30th, 2017!

In addition, new donors have come forward to match your donation again!

That’s $9,000 to support local and state conservative candidates and elected officials; advocate for or against important ballot initiatives; provide informative speakers; and promote conservative principles at parades, fairs, and events!

    This past election cycle the local Republicans have:          

  • Trained and organized 35 Poll Challengers for election integrity.

    • We plan to monitor the polls at all elections this year.

  • Organized over 40 recount volunteers to protect Trump’s victory.

  • Hosted election night and inauguration parties to celebrate Donald Trump's Victory!

  • Marched with conservative candidates in local parades.

    • There are 4 parade opportunities this year.

  • Staffed booths at local summer fairs.

    • There are at least 5 opportunities this year.

  • Organized phone banks for conservative candidates and to fight local tax hikes.

  • Passed resolutions opposing the state gas tax increase, sanctuary cities, the Proposal 1 tax increase; Common Core, MEDC corporate welfare, and straight ticket voting.

  • Passed resolutions supporting the Fair Tax, free market legislation, local school legislation and the State of Israel.

    • Our members are currently working on 3 legislative initiatives.

  • Financially supported local candidates.

    • We would like a candidate in every Ann Arbor Ward this year.

    • We need to build our campaign fund for 2018!


Remember, your donation of:

$10 becomes $30

$20 becomes $60

$35 becomes $105

$75 becomes $225

$150 becomes $450!


Make check payable to:  Washtenaw County Republican Party

                                                3025 Boardwalk, Suite 290, Ann Arbor, MI 48108