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6,000 Sunnis Join Pact With U.S. in Iraq

Could the US actually WIN in Iraq?  Does anyone even talk like that?

No one seems to even think it possible - certainly the drive by media never mentions a victory for our forces.  But what if the islamofacists are taking a beating (would we know? no!)   What if their strength and motive is breaking?   What if they decide to leave the playground for a while and come back after the US leaves (with a victory in hand)?   Many don't think that senario is possible - but I think it is.  Much of this "war" is really about words and how a certain political or civil conditions are described (who has electricity, how many car bombs go off, how many soliders died this month etc)  That means that the actual Terms of Victory for the US could be manipulated giving the US a proud and victorious exit from Iraq with only the forces left behind to be an issue.

AND From some new reports in late November 2007, the US is having success in forming some strong alliances and in deepening the training of administrative and police agencies.   The headline is from the AP (can you believe it) - more here . . . http://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/iraq/2007/11/28/52896.html