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The Press, Beauchamp, and the Playing Field

The Press (ABC/NBC/CNN/CBS/PBS/NPR/TIME/CNBC/NYT/NEWSWEEK) will only publish stories that sell advertisements (rating) and, of course, also have a hard left lean to them - hence a good news story from Iraq will not be published and if it is it will be minimized - back pages/downgraded/downsized/no pics no extended research - no follow ups - etc. Just count the 2006 NYT front page stories of 'Abu Ghraib' vs. US Army Victory stories.

A great example is US Army Private T. Beauchamp. As a solider on the ground in Iraq, he has written a few negative war articles that were published and assumed to be the truth that only eyes and ears on the ground in Iraq could know. His stories were used as source material for perhaps 100,000's of posts, interview questions, commentaries and perhaps even policy decisions . . . I can only imagine how KOS readers have been bent by his words.

And yet, now after an extensive investigation, now we now the truth, his comments are fiction - made up - or let's just say "lies" - intentional lies with the aim to distort the truth and perhaps make personal gains on the book circuit when he discharges (gets out of jail). No support was found for any event he described.

Source: http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2007/08/beauchamp_recants.asp