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Thanks to intrepid volunteer Teresa Reynhout, we're set up in front of the Chelsea Court House this year, just south of the Common Grill. This is a great spot: we have trees to shade us, and benches on which visitors can sit ...

...and as you can see, our new "Taylor-made" booth fits nicely in this spot. Teresa, Annette, and little Helena, one of our newest Republicans, are staffing the booth this morning.

We had a busy weekend at the Art Fair. Here is a shot looking out from our booth. That is Martin Church, in the safari hat on the right campaigning for the 18 Michigan Senate District.

Here is a look from across the street while Joe Muriani and Barbara Bentley staffed the booth.

This is what we looked like from a little further away.

All good things must come to an end, though, and on Sunday evening we had to take down our booth. Here are Greg Marquis and Marc Boone starting the "disassembly" process.

This is a little later, as we got down to the structure itself. How many booths do you think have rafters?? Our "Taylor-Made" home away from home did!


So finally, like the tidy pachyderms that we are, we cleaned up the area, picked up our tools, and departed. Next week ... CHELSEA!!

A patriotically attired Bill Gordon helping set up the booth this morning. As you can see, we have acquired more literature and more candidates' signs, but our supply of Trump hats is rapidly diminishing! We were very happy to see yesterday that, even in the midst of this den of left-wing liberalism, so many are enthusiastic about, and supportive of, our 45th President.


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