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Our Summer Picnic

We just completed an absolutely wonderful summer picnic.  There isn't time tonight to do a complete photo album, but we thought we would share a few photos of this event with you now.  We'll focus this little report on one aspect of the picnic, the kids' activities, and the job that Cindy Fischaber did to make sure that they had a great time.  So to start with, here is the way Cindy's setup looked:

Dexter Daze on Saturday

First, let's introduce you to Lori L. who was able to find us some Trump "bling" to attact customers to our booth in Dexter:

We met Lori early on Saturday morning, and then went on over to Dexter where around 10:15 we saw ...

... the start of the parade.  And right up near the start was ...


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