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Vote May 5th, 2015

Don't forget to get out and vote on May 5th. Michigan voters are facing the largest tax increase in more than four decades. Elections held on these special election dates are typically low turn-out elections and you can be sure that those who would take more of your hard earned dollars will show up to vote. So make sure to get to your polling place and ask your friends and neighbors to do the same.

Wahtenaw County Republicans

Take a Stand for Taxpayers

On February 12, 2015, the Washtenaw Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution in opposition to Proposition 1, a ballot proposal that voters will be asked to decide on May 5th. The proposal represents a 17% increase to Michigan’s sales tax, which would make it the second highest in the nation. That combined with other taxes and fee increases that are part of this proposal, amounts to a nearly 2 Billion dollar tax increase and has been characterized by the Detroit News as a "Massive Tax Hike". Americans For Prosperity (AFP) estimates Prop 1 will cost the average Michigan family of four about $560.00 per year.

Please join us at the NCMS Building, 3025 Boardwalk in Ann Arbor for free pizza and pop on Saturday, March 21 from 12:00 to 2:00 PM while our special guest, 

There are other ways to fund our roads!


Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck, explains why Prop 1 should be voted down on May 5. Senator Colbeck is opposed to this tax increase legislation and this ballot initiative. Check out Senator Patrick Colbeck's better ways to fund our road repairs, education and other state initiatives without raising taxes.


Webform with Poll in it

Remember this commercial?

Well, here are the teachers who appeared in it:

Alexandra Dey   Thurston Elementary
Gillian Williams   Lincoln Consolidated
Jason Patton   Plymouth Educational Center
Janice Stewart   Thurston Elementary
Chandra Madafieri   Novi High School
Robert Gaines   Cloverdale Development Training Center
Syndeara Jackson   Neinas Elementary

The commercial, of course, accused Governor Snyder of cutting $1 Billion from K-12 educational funding when he had, in fact increased K-12 funding by about $1 Billion.

Here is a link to one of the many independent observers who documented the untruthfulness of these allegations: CapitolConfidentialArticle.  Additionally, the Detroit Free Press made the following observation: "To summarize, Schauer's claim that Snyder cut $1 billion from education is false and Snyder's answer that he has increased state K-12 funding by just over $1 billion since he took office in 2011 is true.”

What, if anything, should the public do about this?  Broadly speaking, there are two possible explanations for the teachers’ behavior.  Either

  • They knew that the ad was false, but decided to go ahead with performing in it anyway, or
  • They were not capable of understanding the facts of the case or did not take the time to diligently investigate the matter

It doesn’t really matter which of these is true, though, because in either case we need to ask

Are these the kinds of people we want educating our children?

And that is the subject of this poll.  Please choose one of the options listed below and click the "Vote" button.  And, especially if you choose the first option, please feel free to fill in the Comments/Suggestions box before voting.

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