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July 24th [Continued]

Well, all good things must come to an end, and today marks the conclusion of this year's Ann Arbor Art Fair.  We had a wonderful time, speaking to students and teachers, athletes and coaches, manufacturers and engineers, soldiers, sailors, and marines, musicians, composers, choristers, and even some native American flutists.  If there was a common theme this year, it was that Art Fair goers are worried sick about the direction in which their country is going, and more than happy to consider the ideas we're proposing.  On with the campaign!

Here are Terry and Tom starting the "tear down" ... 

... while a bit later John and Tom continue the process while Phil directs traffic ...

... and then a bit later here is the whole crew celebrating a job well done.

Hope you enjoyed these posts, and now it's On To November!!!

July 24th: Sunday in Ann Arbor

It was raining in Ann Arbor as we started to set up this morning.  We didn't let that stop us though, and here is how Eunice and Wyckham looked in our booth as we got started:

Now let's take a closer look at the table this morning because ...

our chair had brought back some Trump "bling" from the Republican Convention!

Meanwhile, the Democrats, poor dears, seemed to have difficulty getting started
this morning [maybe Liberty Street isn't a safe enough  space for them], and even
when they got going ...

didn't seem to be attracting much attention!

July 23rd: Look at the entertainment that is here!

On Liberal Intelligence

We all know, because they so frequently remind us, that liberals and progressives are extremely intelligent and well educated.  Which means that if we hear liberals make comments that we don't understand, the problem must be on our end:  we must be too ignorant and/or too uneducated to grasp the finer points of the pearls of wisdom that they are uttering.

I will confess that I have been baffled by a few such pearls that I've heard at the AA Art Fair over the past couple of days, and am asking my friends to enlighten me on the subtleties that I must have failed to grasp.  To wit:

  • "You guys are the co**su**er party."

  • "You guys are pieces of sh**".

  • "Did Bruce Springsteen give you the right to use "Born in the USA" on that button?"  This was said by an individual who was looking at our "Trump: Born in the USA" button.  She obviously had a much deeper understanding of U.S. and International copyright law than I do--I thought that a phrase in common use was just that: a phrase that could be commonly used.

  • "How can you fascists stand to look in the mirror in the morning?"  The ultimate irony here is that the woman who asked the question was wearing an attractive brown blouse.  It required a heroic effort on my part NOT to ask her if the left was now issuing Brown Shirt Uniforms! 

  • "Republicans supporting "A Better Way", now there's a real oxymoron."  This was said by a woman who was looking at our banner.  We congratulated her on knowing a sophisticated word like oxymoron, but did not point out that she obviously didn't understand the meaning of the word.


July 22nd ... and away we go!!

and so, as promised, here is volunteer hero Phil Chinn replenishing our Trump button board this morning:

An amusing anecdote:  The Democrats across Liberty Street [you can see their booth in the background] complained to us yesterday, saying that they didn't think that we should be allowed to have a booth at the Art Fair.  They also said that our booth was spoiling their view.  In previous years, we have been on the same side of the street so we really couldn't see each other very well.  This time we can, and it looks like they are a bit distressed at all of the traffic that is stopping at our booth.

So what an opportunity: Come on down; Visit us; and Annoy a Democrat!!

July 21st: Trump buttons fly off the board at the Art Fair!


Really? In Ann Arbor???

Who knew that we would sell more Donald Trump buttons in one day at the Ann Arbor Art Fair than we have ever sold in one day of any other candidate?




This board was chock full of Trump buttons at the start of the day, and it is almost empty this evening.

We'll replenish, and go on for a second day today!



A good start at the Art Fair

As you can see, we're off to a brisk start here at the 2016 Ann Arbor Art Fair ...

... but others do not seem to be doing quite as well ...




Let's put Hillary where she REALLY belongs.


Hillary For Prison

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